Voice and tone

Our tone of voice blends the enthusiasm we have for the future of technology and healthcare with the empathy we feel for the humans we serve.

When we speak to customers and patients directly or about their needs, wants and futures, we do so in a simple, relatable and inclusive manner. This brings clarity and hope to the future of healthcare.

We know there’s a long road ahead, building the Internet of Healthcare, but we believe in our company vision. Our hope for a better future inspires us to inspire those around us.

Helping others is the highest calling, and we take our driving force — connection — seriously. We search out opportunities to help underserved communities and uncover the real needs of every patient. We are bringing vigor and innovation to create a more equal and accessible system.

Our mission of unleashing a trillion dollars by connecting healthcare is at the core of everything we say and do. With authority and empathy, we make a complex industry clearer and more hopeful.