The Purple Glow

The Purple Glow is our most foundational brand element. It tells us Olive is near, and her presence creates illumination. The Glow serves as a distinctive introduction to the Olive brand.

To maintain its sense of power and uniqueness, the Glow must be applied selectively, reserved for the moments that make a first impression.

Download the assets
File formats Our assets come in a variety of formats for use in a range of applications. The logos in our asset kit are saved in one of three file types: EPS, JPG, PNG

Using the asset

The Purple Glow exists in a single colorway and is formatted as a ready-to-use asset.

This asset has a cropped left edge to maintain consistency in application. The glow can be enlarged (thereby cropping the top and bottom edges) or reduced in scale (relative to the top and bottom edges of the background).

The asset should always be scaled proportionately and never stretched horizontally or vertically.

The Purple Glow asset

Cropped full-bleed

Reduced in scale


The Purple Glow is to be generally positioned in one of two ways: anchored to a left edge, which is how it will primarily be used, or anchored to a bottom edge, which should be used much more infrequently.

Anchored left (primary)

Anchored bottom (secondary)


There are also variations on how the Purple Glow can be anchored to a left edge.

1. The primary use would be a standard anchor to the far left edge.

2. The Purple Glow can also be shifted to the right, but the relative position of the glow remains “anchored” left.

3. A third instance would be a “floating” application where background color behind the glow is extended to the left. This gives the glow a floating feeling while keeping the distinctly cropped left edge.

Anchored left (primary)

Anchored left / shift

Anchored left / floating

Color variations

The Purple Glow asset allows for use over all primary, secondary and neutral colors.

Do not use the Glow on any other colors — including accent colors.




Olive Purple



Olive Dark Purple


Do not use with non-approved background colors (including greyscale or accent colors).

Do not change the color of the glow.

Do not use non-approved placements of the glow.

The Lens

If the Purple Glow is Olive, then the Lens is a tool that allows Olive to speak more specifically.

Based on the stylized O in Olive’s name, the Lens is a flexible graphical element used to spotlight individual figures, reveal connections and frame situations.

This variety of usage reinforces the Olive brand while also participating in the message itself.




“O” icon as a graphic

The “O” icon is too distinctive a mark to be only used as the Lens. But restrictions are important as we — first and foremost — establish Olive as the brand to be remembered. It’s too early in our brand’s life to rely on the “O” alone. We need to resist the temptation to abuse it. Its use as a standalone identity must be earned over time.

However, there will be times when the “O” in isolation is exactly what’s needed — where it’s not restricted to spotlighting, revealing and framing. In those select situations, here are three rules to remember and the ideas behind them.

“O” icon-glow

“O” icon-glow + crop

“O” icon-pattern